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About Me

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and learn more about me!

I am a longtime resident of the city of Cypress. My parents and grandparents settled in Cypress in the late 60's because it was a small, quiet and beautiful town of caring residents and brand new homes. Cypress was a lot more rural then; I went to preschool on a farm that was located next to Forest Lawn. My childhood memories are peppered with the smell of strawberries that came from the fields that lined the Valley View corridor.

Over the years Cypress has changed a lot. We have industrial and retail space where we once had farmland and dairy. Now many of the business headquarters on Katella are low or no vacancy. We should consider repurposing these areas that have a large enough footprint to handle Sacramento's mandate for housing to manage the impact on congestion and preserve our quality of life.


After college and starting a career I moved back to Cypress to start my own family and to be near my parents as they began to age. I am a single mom to a wonderful 10-year-old son. I own a business here in Cypress that serves children and their families. The main objective of Strong Dance Studios is building confidence in kids, another important tool for their future. Despite mandated shutdowns I was able to pivot the business to stay open and thrive. With innovation we remained operational without receiving relief and never layed off or reduced hours for our amazing team. Creative, collaborative problem solving is one of my strengths.

If elected to the City Council I would be honored to bring my business experience, my work ethic and my commitment to serve our community across ALL interests to City Hall. I would be your representative to make your voice heard on the many important decisions we currently face. Until the election I'll be out canvassing our neighborhoods to talk with you and understand what matters to you. I look forward to hearing more about what concerns you have and how to best serve you.


Vote Strong for City Council!

You might be concerned about what you've seen at meetings, read in the paper, seen on Community pages. Me, too.

Here are some things I think are critical for Cypress RIGHT NOW...

Let's be civil.

I don't know about you, but I think in recent meetings hearing constituents approach the dais to speak to their representatives and say "this makes me feel sick to my stomach" is about more than just public speaking jitters. This should be an open forum for our community to speak our minds without fear of stonewalling, disdain, and worse yet retribution. I would be hyper aware of maintaining an open and friendly demeanor that is approachable and collaborative if elected.

Let's be transparent.

I understand that our recent actions as a city have led to multiple lawsuits and that care and candor must be exercised in communicating about these topics. Even so, the number and duration of closed session meetings has become a little alarming. Whether real or perceived, confidentiality can look like secrecy. If elected, I'd like to try and move at least some transparent dialogue about matters in closed session to the dais for voters.

Let's be vigilant.

The message from the community is clear. Facts seem muddy because they are presented as such. It appears that vendor contracts are not being scrutinized on behalf of our residents. Contract extensions on service level adjustments are being granted. We are all paying for services - some of us as homeowners, some as business owners, some as landlords, and some as ALL THREE. We have to exercise care in creating terms in vendor contracts to maintain some control over costs and quality of service. Contracts need to go back out to bid periodically to protect this. It would be my goal and my pleasure to be a watchdog for our community on this.

Let's be kind.

Cypress is a leader amongst local communities for so many reasons. We can expand on this by continuing to be open, to listen, to engage in productive dialogue, to honor other ideas and viewpoints. We are well respected as a city that is beautiful, prosperous, well maintained, and friendly. Let's keep this the demeanor at the dias. If elected this is something I would take pride in leading by example.



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