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I am a longtime resident of the city of Cypress. My parents and grandparents settled in Cypress in the late 60's because it was a small, quiet and beautiful town of caring residents and brand new homes. Cypress was a lot more rural then; I went to preschool on a farm that was located next to Forest Lawn. My childhood memories are peppered with the smell of strawberries that came from the fields that lined the Valley View corridor. Over the years Cypress has changed a lot. Now with industrial and retail space where we once had farmland and dairy there are revenue generating opportunities that didn't exist when I was a child. At the same time, there are also issues that come up with growth and redevelopment like traffic, and sustainability and quality of life.

After college and starting a career I moved back to Cypress to start my own family and to be near my parents as they began to age. I am a single mom to a wonderful 8-year-old son. Until the pandemic I was a very frequent volunteer at his school as I believe as we all do that education is one of the most important tools we can give our children. I own a business here in Cypress that serves children and their families. The main objective of Strong Dance Studios is building confidence in kids, another important tool for their future.

If elected to the City Council I would be honored to bring my business experience, my work ethic and my commitment to serve our community across ALL interests to City Hall. I would be your representative to make your voice heard on the many important decisions we currently face. Until the election I'll be out driving our neighborhoods to talk from a distance with you and understand what matters to you. If you hear horns honking, come on out and say hello!


Vote Strong for City Council!

I think this is a really important moment in the history of our city. We still have some undeveloped land and responsible decisions need to be made about its use. Our residents and businesses are feeling the impact of the pandemic. We need to listen carefully to the needs of our seniors and safeguard them. We have got to get creative with ways to connect our children that are safe but allow them to continue to grow intellectually, socially and emotionally.  A big part of that this year will be helping our local parents, students and schools be successful with distance learning. It is imperative that we provide support to our local small businesses fighting tooth and nail to keep operations running and secure a future for their children. We want and need these businesses to stay in Cypress for so many reasons.

I look forward to running a clean and honest campaign. My goal in running for office is to try and serve my city and fellow residents with creativity and innovation. There is a lot we can do with respect to technology and social media that we can explore. Much of it is free and would really help our residents feel connected and informed. In the pandemic this is the safest way to connect people with goods and services they may need.

If elected it would be important to me to vote my conscience on all matters. Change is inevitable and, in fact, it's welcome, as long as we are making prudent decisions that will serve the majority of our population. I would be very honored to have an opportunity to weigh in on the decisions that affect the present and future of our city. With your vote I will work alongside you to keep Cypress strong.



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