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City Council

I am a business owner and single Mom who has lived in Cypress most of my life. You may be discouraged with current leadership and be looking for change. If you are, we have that in common! Let's work together to take a new direction this year.

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Let's Make a Difference

As your Council Member, I'll be a voice to represent your interests in city events, services, taxation, redevelopment and public safety. My goal is to serve the biggest cross section of Cypress residents possible.

Vote Rachel Strong For
Cypress City Council 2022

I am running a primarily grassroots campaign in order to distance myself from any interest other than serving the community. I believe in protecting public safety, fiscal prudence, and involving others in a collaborative and transparent fashion. I have a transformational leadership style that has helped me effectively grow a thriving small business that serves the children of our community.

I have been active in public service volunteering in our local schools as well as serving on the Cypress Senior Commission. I am the proud Mom of a 10 year old baseball player. I am balancing that against helping to take care of my Mom as she ages. I understand the push and pull of our busy families caring for two generations.

I hope to host a series of meet and greets in our city this fall the get the word out about our current issues and where I stand. If you are concerned about the trash contract, the resolution of the police pension, districting, or the housing initiative and its demands from Sacramento, or any of the topics affecting our community today, I want to hear about it. I hope to be a voice for common sense and cooperation in our city while maintaining a poised and professional demeanor. With teamwork and respect, we can continue to enjoy Cypress and all it offers and overcome these issues and more. 


Our Community


To find resolution


How our choices will affect all

What I Stand For
  • Maintain safety by supporting local law enforcement

  • Continue Cypress' tradition of careful, conscientious spending and maintaining a surplus

  • Stay vigilant over vendor contracts to protect public interest

  • Advocate for local control of our city - its funds and its voting processes

  • Represent residents on issues that affect their neighborhoods and quality of life

  • Advocate to keep Cypress development in line with our shared vision for the community

  • Maintain a demeanor of transparency, open communication, and civility at all times, at all costs



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