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Campaigning in the Covid!

The big question everyone is are you getting the word out? (Wait for it...) IN A PANDEMIC?!

It's a tricky time to be out campaigning for sure. I'm encouraging everyone to remember that now we just have to get creative and do it a little differently. And honestly, different doesn't always mean not as good. In fact, some new methods of campaigning can be better than what we've done in the past. It seems to me one of the key takeaways of the pandemic is being able to leverage technology for different and creative solutions. Innovators are survivors!

Building a website and reaching out via virtual email campaigns is a great start. I'm pleasantly surprised at the results of my first mass email - fewer spam reports and unsubscribes than I expected, a good rate of click my opinion this is a far better way to reach constituents than a glossy mailer. They are expensive, they aren't environmentally friendly, and most often after a glance end up in the trash. (Hopefully with recyclables.)

Reaching out to subscribers with blog posts and potential zoom calls is another great way to do it. My role on City Council would be to represent the wishes of YOU, the voters. I'll be scheduling a zoom call Saturday morning 10/24 to talk with anyone who wants that kind of representation at City Hall. What your your concerns? What direction would you like to see the City Council steer our beautiful city? I'm ready to hear from you. Email me at to RSVP and receive the meeting access details.

Door knocking is great, but wearing a mask and greeting a stranger who may or may not feel comfortable opening the door...hmm. How about a campaign parade? We have gotten so used to reaching out to celebrate from our cars. I've seen graduation parades, bday parades, and I personally constructed a few feel good parades to just cheer up our kids during the height of lockdown. Now it's not at all uncommon to hear horns honking on your street and run outside to join in someone's celebration...even if you don't know what or whom it's for. I'll be out parading with friends and supporters next weekend 10/24 and 10/25 in our Cypress neighborhoods. Hope to see you!

One of the best ways I can gain support is by accepting the help of friends and neighbors who care about me and what I want to do for our city. Many friends and even strangers have asked to put up a lawn sign for me at their home, or wear a face mask advertising my campaign. I have both and am happy to provide them to you at no charge! If you'd like one, simply email me at with the subject header "Sign" or "Mask," or BOTH! In the body of the email simply send your address and what size mask you'd like: Man, Woman or Child, and I will drop them off!

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little better. Stay safe, stay Strong!

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